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My most gratitude & apolologies to Mr.President (日本の今通信86)



Our Dearest President Barack Obama,

At the beginning, I extend my most gratitude & apologies to Mr.President for your gentle return mail to me.

Because I d'ont have much of linguistic talent in English and then I have sent back so late.

Now I start to mention an important outline about two asteroids coming to hit our Mother-Earth in the near future.

The first one maybe pass through between the Earth & the Moon in the form of Japanese prayers.

But the second one shall strike on the Atlantic Ocean (or the Pacific Ocean Micronesia), if this goes on.

And so that's You the Messiah President Barack Obama, who will be able to prevent the second asteroid from crashing against the Earth.

Because you have been predestined to be all too aware of the light side(+) & the dark side(-) of the World Politics, Economy & Religion in the Earth.
Accordingly you will be able to integrate (short-circuit) the both of sides to emit light for our Precious Human-beings to wake up & to level up and then you shall surely keep your promise to change yourself, our dearest Human-beings & the Mother-Earth and to save the all.

Then I confess frankly that I am a merely little messenger compared to the Three God-men & the Emperor Akihito informed-before as like as the relationship between the American Health Insurance System lined with the public treasury collapsing & the Cosmic System in the Universe eternal & unlimited.
You shall become surely the Keyman of the Great Creator "Yahweh" with the Three God-men & the Emperor Akihito to transform the Human-beings & the World System according to the Neo-Terra saving the all(including the Universe).

I would like to hope that Mr.President will not hesitate to comunicate with them in the first visiting in Japan in this life.

As an aside, here is some back ground on your previous life in Japan.

At the day of the fourth August 1857 during the Edo Period, the navy ship governmental which name was "KAN-RIN-MARU" had gone into service.

That was the first ship which made it across the Pacific Ocean between Japan & America. At that time you were one of crewmembers of "KAN-RIN-MARU".

As you expect, we are waiting for Mr.President with impatience in Japan long-forgotten.
(P.S.) We would like to hand Japanese miracle rice wine "MUSUHI" & Japanese traditional rice cake "SHINGENMOCHI" as small gifts of Japan to Mr.President, if possible.

The God bless you!!

(Your Messenger Shingo SAKUMA)
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